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 CasaEmpresa is your platform and partner that allows you to reach your dream of making a dignified living, using your passion, skills set and a respectable income which can match or exceeds the markets formal employment positions, while building a sustainable income for your family and future generations every assignment. 

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 By joining CasaEmpresa as a microentrepreneur you have the access to the tools, education, financing, planning and companion to start your business from home to make a successful meaningful life and income with your personal talents and assets. 

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When you buy CasaEmpresa you will join a platform, community, network and panel of experts that will guide and execute with you a five (5) stage process (diagnosis, conception, prototype, execution and monitoring) to make your microenterprise a reality. The journey begins with a short diagnosis and life plan process to understand your needs, where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to be from a professional, personal, and economic perspective. Based on your dreams we will conceptualize your skill sets, from a physical, intellectual, emotional and passion perspective of how you think you may create value. From these 2 initial stages and based on our experience, data from other microentrepreneurs, and environment factors we will propose prototypes of potential microenterprises with their average income history and challenges. You will choose your best fit prototype enterprise and will kick off executing next to you through our platform and services how to start and run. We will leverage our platform for your training, daily tasks, achievements, personal worth accounts so you can monitor and develop your microenterprise to its fullest potential. Furthermore we will stand next to you as partners in this journey to make a meaningful and sustainable life as a microentrepreneur.

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